Treatments & Rehabilitation

Treatment Program

Patients with alcohol and/or substance use problems who are not indicated for admission to detox or rehab units or refused admission will be enrolled in the outpatient clinic ..

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Vocational Programs

The programme aims to train patients on computer skills and applications which shall help them attain a useful qualification which help them market themselves in labour market or develop their private business and digitalizing them ..

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Recreating Programs

The programme aims to include inpatients in the general, religious and seasonal celebrations such as end of Ramadhan celebration, Eid Al Adha, Martyr Day, National Day, Mid-Sha’aban, haq Laila and Ramadhan evening celebrations ..

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An interactive area with a large collection of books on different subjects in an adequately furnished quiet room which make reading and flicking through books a moment of reflection and peace ..

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Patients stories

The NRC present some of the Real Patient Stories who recovered from the addiction by there strong well, the stories try to communicate what changes took place ..

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The National Rehabilitation Center ‘NRC’ was established upon the insightful directives of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan in 2002 to serve.... 


The National Rehabilitation Center realized from the very beginning that it could not deliver on its mission unless it is manned wit staff of high caliber. 


NRC conducts UAE-cross surveys to collect data on drug addiction, the findings are usually analyzed and relative recommendations are derived to minimize drug ... 


NRC pays much heed to education as a preemptive tool; it launched several initiatives to educate community on drug detriments and preventive measures. 

 Treatment Team