This program is an In-Patient based program 8 weeks. currently serving adult male patients referred by the CJS suffering from alcohol and or drug dependence disorders, as well associated comorbidities.

The assessments of the patients in the motivational program are the same as the general guidelines and procedures of the general interview with special focus on the following:

  • Importance of communication with both patients and their families
  • Associated domains (health, employment, education, debts and legal issues)
  • Job, hobbies and special interests
  • Family medical and psychiatric history, relationships
  • Full details and forensic history (history of violence, rape, physical and emotional abuse and PTSD), recidivism and risk assessment specially risk to the therapeutic milieu
  • Review of obstacles for compliance with treatment program and rehabilitation in the recovery phase
  • Preparation of medical reports, recommendations to the authorities

Dual diagnosis patients are accepted at the NRC and at present in the absence of mental health law, we use our best medical knowledge in the interest of the patient and use common law if patients need to be medicated against their will.

Special precautions are stipulated as directed by statutory regulatory bodies like HAAD in case of notifiable diseases (e.g. HIV AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, scabies etc.).