How is patients' confidentiality ensured at National Rehabilitation Center (NRC)?

Confidentiality is one of the paramount principles at National Rehabilitation Center (NRC). NRC does not divulge the identity of patients to any other party. The patients’ information is only accessible by NRC’s staff who are linked to the patients recovery.

What is the treatment cost for National Rehabilitation Center (NRC) services?

The services are free of charge from NRC for all the UAE nationals. Fees applied for non UAE nationals, for more details contact 8002252

What are the working hours of the National Rehabilitation Center (NRC)?

National Rehabilitation Center is open on business days Sunday to Thursday from 7:30 a.m. till 3:30 p.m.

Can I anonymously request an assessment appointment with the National Rehabilitation Center (NRC)?

Yes, you can access the e - service page  anonymously and request an appointment without using your own account.

How can I request for an appointment for assessment with the National Rehabilitation Center (NRC)?

You can specify the date and time you would prefer to meet with our specialist through  

Once your request is received, an NRC employee will call you to confirm your appointment on the specified date or assign another time for you to visit the NRC.

Can I visit the National Rehabilitation Center (NRC) for treatment without an appointment for assessment?

Yes, you can visit the NRC without an appointment, but there will be a waiting period as the medical team first accommodates the patients with appointments.

Who can book an appointment for assessment on my behalf?

Any of your relatives, family members, or friends may book the assessment appointment on your behalf.

How will I know that my appointment for assessment is confirmed with the National Rehabilitation Center (NRC)?

Our representative from NRC will call your registered mobile number and confirm the date and time of your appointment upon submitting your request.

How long does it take to confirm my appointment for assessment?

Your appointment is confirmed within a few minutes upon submitting your request.

How long will it take the National Rehabilitation Center (NRC) to provide me with specialised addiction consultation upon the submission of my request?

Within 24 hours of submitting your request, our specialists from the NRC will reach out to you via telephone.

Are there meals and laundry services provided to patients at the National Rehabilitation Center (NRC)?

Yes, NRC provides three meals a day for all patients under the supervision of a nutritionist along with laundry services free of charge.

Is there a smoking policy at the National Rehabilitation Center (NRC)?

Yes, apart from designated smoking areas, NRC observes a strict no smoking policy throughout the facility. 

Can I use my phone and electronic devices as an inpatient at the National Rehabilitation Center (NRC)?

No, patients are not allowed to use their mobile phones and personal electronic devices such as computers, laptops, iPads, iPods or MP3 players. 

Note: Inpatients can call and receive calls through the centre's switchboard and use the computers available at NRC during the set times.

Who can request for an awareness workshop/seminar?

Companies, governmental entities, and educational facilities within the UAE can request this service.

When can I expect to receive the workshop/seminar information from the National Rehabilitation Center (NRC)?

This process can take up to two weeks depending on where the workshop is located and if third party approvals are required.

What are the different awareness services available to request from the National Rehabilitation Center (NRC)?

The following awareness service types are available to request from the NRC:

• Awareness Workshop: a long and detailed service to help people suffering from substance addiction. 

• Awareness Lecture: a shorter service to help a younger community raise awareness about the dangers of substance addiction.

What are the documents needed to request for an awareness workshop/seminar from the National Rehabilitation Center (NRC)?

A formal letter is required to be uploaded on TAMM to request an Awareness Workshop.

How can I reach National Rehabilitation Center?

Through :

Toll-free: 8002252

Phone: 02/3060000


Po Box: 55001 – Abu Dhabi – UAE

You can reach us through social media channels as well:






Does NRC provide emergency services

The NRC does not deal with emergency or overdose cases. In such cases patients must head to accidents and emergency departments in general hospitals to receive the necessary treatment.

Is addiction treatable?

Addiction is considered a chronic disease which can be treated. There are numerous treatment programmes which proved to be efficient in treating addiction

Can a voluntary patient terminate inpatient treatment prematurely? And is that applicable to non voluntary patients

Yes. The voluntary patients have the freedom of choice to exist inpatient treatment or premature discontinuation. This decision of early self discharge against medical advice would not deprive patients from receiving non residential care. In the event that this happens, the treatment team will reformulate the treatment plan and 

Can patients receive outpatient non residential treatment?.

Yes, patients can receive outpatient non residential treatment according to set of criteria. However, majority of the patients are recommended to receive inpatient treatment.

What the the levles of care provide by the NRC?

The National Rehabilitation provides the full spectrum of care commencing with comprehensive assessment that informs placement in the appropriate level of care. At the NRC, acute care and detoxification treatment is provided under close medical supervision and using medication assisted treatment at a mean period of 5 days. The patient is next transferred to the early recovery unit where the patient receives in addition to psychosocial treatment and relapse prevention a goal directed tailored treatment plan that includes rehabilitation and social integration. Additional assessment for psychiatric and medical disorders is peformed and appropriate interventions are provided and coordinated.  When deemed appropriate and safe, the patient is transferred to the outpatient or day care where treatment is continued for atleast 16 weeks (4 months) to 52 weeks (12 months).  Following this phase, patients are encourage to maintain regular follow ups at the outpatient care . 

Can my family and friend visit me at the NRC?

Yes. Since family and social interventions are a main contstituent of treatment, involvement of family members is reported

Does the NRC Provide home care?

Depending on the needs and requirements of the patients, the NRC can provided selected home care assessments and interventions. Currently, the NRC however does not provide a comprehensive home health care service

What are the key characteristcs that differentiates the NRC from other treatment facilities?

The NRC  is the only facility that provides an integrated and comprehensive treatment and care within an overarching values of confidentiality, respect and empathy, and quality with approximately 20 years of culturally sensitive treatment and care services that are delivered by multidisiplenary team of internationally qualified experts. Since its inception, the NRC has maintained international standards starting with the founding partner, the National Addiction Center in the UK and over the past decade with the psychiatric hospital of harvard medical school and provides cutting edge evidence based treatment. The NRC adopts personalized treatment and care program and personalized and has developed focused programs for special population including females, youth in transition and those with co-occurring mental health disorders. The NRC is a research driven innovation center that is not only adapting evidence based interventions but has developed its own propriety. To maintain its standards and fidelity of treament and care, the NRC observed periodical audits by international organizations and professional bodies with a recent audit carried by the American Socienty of Addiciton Medicine.