The intake and assessment of patient with addiction problems is a comprehensive and collaborative process between the patient and the NRC clinical team. Each one of the clinical team will meet with the patient and do his/her assessment and by the end of the intake/assessment process the team members will convene to decide the most suitable treatment plan for the patient. The psychiatrist is usually the head of the clinical team.

The intake/assessment process involves the following steps:

  • Welcoming the patient (and his/her family) by the patient affairs staff.
  • Nursing assessment (by the nurse).
  • Full psychiatric assessment (by the psychiatrist) including assessment of the substance use problems and any other comorbid psychiatric problems.
  • Medical assessment (by the internist or generalpractitioner) for any acute or chronic medical problems
  • Social assessment (by the social worker).

The purpose of the assessment is:

  • To establish therapeutic relationship with the client.
  • To obtain full history regarding drug and alcohol use problems, other comorbid psychiatric or medical problems, social/family problems, legal and financial problems.
  • To formulate a multidisciplinary treatmentplan for the patient.


  • Allocate the patient to the appropriate services according to assessed needs.
  • Identify and do referral to other services if needed, for example referral to the ER in case of medical emergency.