Organizational Structure

The new Centre’s organogram was approved in 2018 to mirror its ambitious vision in terms of excellence and leadership in the field of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation from addiction; in addition to fulfilling a number of strategic service-providing initiatives and projects through specialized administrative units as well a setting up new specializations and jobs which contribute in developing national human capacity

Board of Directors

Responsible for preparing NRC’s budget, policies, issuing all regulations and systems related to treatment , administration and finance .

Internal Audit office

Aims to guide and manage a comprehensive internal audit program at National Rehabilitation Center to ensure that internal control systems are reviewed to ensure the credibility and integrity of all activities (financial, operational, and information technology systems).

Director General

The legal representative of National Rehabilitation Center and is appointed by a decision of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, and chairman of Executive Council. He is responsible for proposing the Center's policy and signing agreements and contracts, preparation of regulations, procedures, work manuals, preparation of the budget and recruitment of staff according to the organizational structure.

Director General Office

Manage and organize all the work of the Director General from scheduling interviews, meetings, events and visits

Technical office

Define the overall frameworks for internal and external partnership policies that support the achievement of the Center's vision and objectives, managing advisory projects and developing project action plans and timetables for project implementation

Communication Office

Concerned with the application of policies and procedures related to the National Rehabilitation Center media identity, and the approved communication means and developing center’s media identity

Training institute

Develop a strategy for training and professional development. Developing national capabilities on mental health and addiction field. Develop training programs and curricula that are tailored to the needs of treatment and rehabilitation services from addiction in the UAE.

Support Services and Organizational Development Sector

Developing the strategic plan of National Rehabilitation Center, monitoring the performance of strategic projects, applying quality standards, environment, health, occupational safety and infection control standards. Providing administrative support services from human resources management, finance, administration, logistics and information technology departments.

1. Support Services Department
Provides support to all administrations and sections in relation to human resources, finance, IT, maintenance and procurement activities.

2. Organizational Development Department
Supervises the implementation of NRC strategic plan and its alignment with Abu Dhabi government plan, in addition to support various departments and sections to   apply both local and international standards for quality and excellence.

Medical Service Sector

Educating society in its different segments about the dangers of drug addiction, provide all treatment and rehabilitation services to patients and undertake necessary research and studies. To support and develop NRC services, monitor addiction and propose the necessary policies.

1. Public Health and Research Department
It aims at contributing to the reduction of the burden of addiction through activating prevention and awareness raising programs for all categories of society. The department also seeks to surveil and observe development of addiction in coordination with partners and stakeholders. In addition, it aims to put to practice addiction science-related scientific and research studies and activate contacts with all concerned parties through useful social events and activities.

2. Treatment and Rehabilitation Department
Provides comprehensive care services for patients in both in and out-patient facilities provided by an expert medical team of psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers.

3. Nursing Department
Aims at providing support to the multi-disciplinary medical team through daily follow up of patients in order to make sure that the treatment plans are running smoothly.

4. Operations Department
Manages patients’ internal affairs by providing their daily needs and external ones through liaising with other different referring authorities. It also aims at consolidating relations with partners to unify efforts in matters related to the reintegration of recovering patients back in society.