• Draft the overall strategy for prevention, health education and awareness with regard to addiction risks in collaboration the concerned administrations and partners

  • Develop the annual plan for the execution of the prevention and health education programmes in order to cover all segments of society in Abu Dhabi in collaboration the concerned administrations and partners

  • Develop systems and tools for early warning in order to detect addiction patients which in turn shall limit the spread of addiction as well as training local capacity on these tools and making them available through the suitable means in collaboration the concerned administrations and partners

  • Limit addiction disease in the UAE and types of addiction to substances, determine the main motives behind the spread of addiction disease and its impact on society, the economy and the family through carting out in-country studies or through collaboration with partners.

  • Carry out scientific research in order to improve understanding addiction problem and putting forward suggestions to possible solution in collaboration with other administrations and partners

  • Publish research outcome through the use of suitable communication means in order to reach the a greater audience in society in collaboration with other related institutions, universities and academic institutes.

Health Education Department

  • Draft the annual plan for health education and agendas in collaboration with administrations and partners on the basis of the centre’s strategy and desired goals.

  • Draft health education programmes according to types of addiction disease detected in society on the basis of related research and studies’ outcome and continuously endeavour to develop them.

  • Putb into practice awareness programmes in accordance to targeted segments in society and endeavor to reach the largest number of audiences in collaboration with concerned administrations and partners

  • Assess awareness campaigns on the basis the adopted policies and analyse their impact through effectiveness index then draft report on them

Research and Studies Department

  • Draft clinical research project and other scientific research and provide their scientific-based description and seek their approval

  • Effective management of research activity, seek help from universities’ and institutes’ researchers and provide them with all the requirements, resources and information within available capabilities

  • Draft scientific circulars and articles suitable for the targeted category and liaise with the concerned administrations and departments

Monitoring and Policy Section

  • Put into practice monitoring-related policies and procedures

  • Contribute in drafting policies at national level which aim at abating addiction in collaboration with administrations and department as well external partners

  • Carry out investigative onsite follow up for addiction situation in the UAE through collaboration with external partners such as the judiciary, hospitals and schools

  • Develop a mechanism to monitor the volume of addiction problem that includes indexes mirroring reality and measuring them regularly in collaboration with concerned administrations and partners

  • Collect necessary data on a regular basis from all concerned parties which assist in measuring indexes to determine current trends of addiction disease

  • Publication of monitoring outcome on a regular basis through reports which shall be shared with partners, concerned parties and decision makers