Rights & Responsibilities

The National Rehabilitation Centre is the only centre nationwide which specializes in treating addiction. At the centre, we strive with our utmost ability to provide the highest degrees of comfort and follow up during your treatment at the centre. In return, we would like you to adhere to the medical team’s guidance and to the centre’s rules and regulations in order to attain the best outcome.

Your rights as a patient

  •  Present the required identification documents together with healthcare insurance card.
  • Adhere to the NRC’s own rules regulations.
  • Adhere to the treatment plan as set up by the person in charge of your healthcare.
  • Put forward any question regarding any aspect of the healthcare provided.
  • Take into consideration other patients’ rights as well as the rights of the NRC staff.
  • Treat other patients, visitors or staff with respect and behave with them in a civilized manner.
  • Emergency services are only to be used in very urgent cases or in case it was not possible to use other health services.
  • Provide accurate personal information, medical history or the treatment being taken.
  • Look after your personal belongings while receiving the healthcare.
  • Respect the appointments and inform staff in case you cannot attend so that another patient can benefit from the time slot.
  • Adhere to settle all dues and charges of the medical services.
  • Inform the staffs about any personal needs throughout the period of the treatment and until you leave the NRC.
  • Bear the consequences in case you disobey the medical instructions, the treatment plan or the recommendations.

Your duties as a patient

  •  To receive a treatment in accordance with the highest professional standards at the hands of licensed, qualified and experienced medical professionals in licensed and approved facilities.
  • Take part in decision making regarding the treatment and health care provided to you.
  • To communicate with the health care provider through your mother tongue or through an interpreter.
  • Take the responsibility of accepting or rejecting treatment.
  • Have access to your own medical records.
  • Records are constantly and accurately updated.
  • Once admitted to the NRC you will be informed about other related regulations and policies.
  • Highest safety standards from the standpoint of the facility and practices.
  • Get a second medical opinion if you so wish.
  • Respect your confidentiality as a patient, be it personal or data-related.
  • Receive treatment in case of an emergency regardless of the status of the healthcare insurance card you hold.
  • Inform you of all costs and expenditure not covered by social security prior to carrying out the treatment you require.
  • Receive treatment in case of an emergency regardless of the status of the healthcare insurance card you hold.
  • Be informed about how to make complaints to the treatment facility in case you are not satisfied with being aware of your rights, the diagnosis, the treatment, staff professionalism or safety standards in the health facility.

For complaints and suggestions:

In case you are not satisfied with the diagnosis, the treatment received, staff professionalism or the safety standards of the healthcare facility you have the right to put forward a complaint to the National Rehabilitation Centre. The complaint can be lodged through calling the switchboard by dialing (0) and you will be transferred to Patients’ Affairs or by completing the Complaint Form and putting it in the Complaint Box. In case you do not receive a response from the NRC you can then lodge a complaint through contacting the Government of Abu Dhabi on 800555 or by sending an email to: